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We have ferried aircraft for Beechcraft (Australia and USA), Cessna, Columbia, Piper, Vulcanair,

in fact all new aircraft dealers in Australia. Used aircraft, have been relocated for AVIA Aircraft (Charles Gunter),

Vulcanair, Air Cargo Carriers Milwaukee, Freedom Air Guam, International Parts Sydney, AirFlite Perth, Pacific Aerospace New Zealand.

These are just a small sample, we’ve delivered hundreds of aircraft all over the globe.

A very small sample of previous relocations:

Shorts 360-300 Edinburgh to Milwaukee North America,

Shorts 360-300 Greece to Guam King Air B200 Brisbane Australia to Los Angeles California,

King Air BE200 Hof Germany to Broome Western Australia EMB110 Saipan to Maryborough Australia,

EMB110 Sydney to Quebec (Canada) A-Viator Melbourne Australia to Naples Italy

PAC XL750 Australia to Saipan Cessna 208 (Caravan) Wichita USA to Sunshine Coast Australia


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